Madame Karamazov Presents :

The Fictions of Elizabeth Frankie Rollins


Links to works on-line:


Sin Eater and Other Stories

“What Raggedy Ann Said” published in Storyglossia

Judge’s Comment about prize-winning “The Boy”

“The Sin Eater” available through Corvid Press

“The Ruins” in Superstition Review


Doctor Porchiat’s Dream 

Reading from Doctor Porchiat’s Dream at Casa Libre



Origin excerpt published in Tarpaulin Sky

Excerpt from Origin: Portraits of Loss in Drunken Boat



“Collaborations 12 months x2” With Ben Johnson

“Dreams Conspire” Written by Dawn Paul, sound and image by Ben Johnson, Reading by E Rollins

Collaborations with Selah Saterstrom:“Nights Like This (remind me of pearls) 3 a.m. exchanges”

“God is a Ghost Story and This Here is a Ghost Story, too”


Reviews, Non-fiction

Review of The Fanmaker's Inquisition

"Joint Custody” published in New England Review

"A Meal and a Dream"- guest blog entry on dictionary project

Various Readings of Emily Dickinson in Big Read’s Emily Sound:

NPR: Big Read Workshop (co-taught with Kristen Nelson) appears in this story